Guess what I did!

Remember two blogs ago I said

Tune in next time to read about sum thing Mommy and Daddy have never done but I did! ?

I went on a hot air balloon!!!!!!! (NOT a cold air balloon) it was fun ffuunn (fun fun fun) but it was too short!

Uncle Joe took me on it with Esther. I stared down the hole time. It was fun ffuunn fun fun fun!

I want to go on it again! Next time I want to go to Africa and see the game parks!

Excited about going up!

Going up!

My balloon ride

My Weekend 27-29 July Part 1


Frog kissWe saw Reece and Cardin at their new home at Lake Ann. It was fun.

On Thursday we drove up to Michigan. When Reece came on Friday we also saw AJ.

We went to the beach with Reece and AJ. We found a frog. I found the frog, it surprised me. When I noticed what it was, I called Reece and he caught it. We were walking along the river when I saw it. Continue reading My Weekend 27-29 July Part 1

My Weekend 20-22 July 2007

GREAT Grandma BeaMy Great Grandma Bea had her 88th birthday! It was fun. We had cake, pizza!, pizza!, and more pizza! (All right, maybe not that much, but we did have a lot of pizza.) I liked to eat cake, of course.

It was a lot of fun. We got to play with cousins. We played volleyball ( I thought it was called ballyball 🙂 !) We played on the swings and the slides. That’s pretty much all.

The day after we saw Great Grandma Bea, we went to the circus. We saw them put upThe daring young men…. the circus tent –the big top! Oma and Opa took us. We got to see them clean horses hooves. We saw little horses, even a hippopotumuses.

Hoola hooping at the circusIn the evening, we all got to see the circus! It was fun. My favorite was the trapeze artists. I liked everything else though. The elephants were fun to watch. The clowns were funny. Very Funny! Very Very Funny! The girls who did the hoola hoops almost never dropped any. One of them dropped only one, but she was pretty young.

Oma bought red snow cones, slurp! They tasted very very very very very (you get the picture) yummy.

On Sunday, we went to the 4-H fair. I had a fun time on a roller coaster. My very firstMy first roller coaster one! The ride was much much much much (you get the picture) too short, but the roller coaster was big. I lost my stomach a couple of times. Every time it did, I felt like I was losing it twelve times! I went on it with Maryam.  It was very very fun.

I went on two rides with Esther (sorry no pictures!). One of them pretty much felt like a tornado, but I know you did not spin that fast. The other people on it did not spin at all, I don’t think they knew how to spin. I also went on one that felt like you were hang gliding. It was so much fun! Momma said it was scary seeing “her little boy” go on all those rides. But, I got to go on them.

It was a very very very very very very very (you get the picture) fun fun fun fun fun weekend!

But, don’t miss reading about this weekend (in a few days).

Science Class

tow strok  you know    tanks wikopda At Science Class I am learning about engines. This is a two stroke engine. I am NOT making a two stroke engine though it does look like it is less complicated.

(Click on the pictures ((they are coooollllllll))) 🙂

Four stroke engine at work (thanks Wikipedia!)On the four stroke engine, the more complicated looking one, if you look at the right of the number toward the circle right above it is called the cylinder block. The one that looks like it is metal is what a cylinder block looks like.

I have learned cylinder block, oil pan, motor stand, pistons (mixes everything up I think) piston heads, piston pins, and piston connectors.

Maybe I will make one of my own.

I will tell you more later. siilunder blokb thinks wekopda

Uncle Joe

Uncle JoeUncle Joe lives near Indianapolis. So I rarely get to see him, because it’s a couple of hours away. Sometimes it feels like it is twelve!

He is Mom’s older brother. He brought my Great Grandma Bea home for the summer. So Grandma Nana and Uncle Joe came over to see us.

Adrian gets to know Uncle Joe

He works in a church. It seems like he doesn’t get much time with us. He’s going to tease that we don’t come visit either.

Once he rode in a police car and taken to the police department. He has a friend in the police department and he went with him. I am not sure if I want to ride in a police car unless I was a police officer.

He is silly. Here’s the story.Will I make a home run?

We started playing baseball. He was trying to hit my head with the ball. He always missed! The second time I usually hit the ball when he threw it. When it was his turn to bat he got the most hits out of all! Then, whenever its his turn to pitch, it ended up we had a sword fight with our bats! It was fun!Playing with my uncle

Uncle Joe likes Notre Dame and he was wearing a Packers shirt!

His favorite pop is Mountain Dew. When we were coming back from Africa, a long long time ago, Mommy and Daddy were teaching me “Pepsi, Ucky, Mountain Dew, dirty”. Hee Hee Hee! I like Pepsi more than I like Mountain Dew because I never drink it. Mommy and Daddy won’t let me.Being silly

Uncle Joe can not skip, but he can do Sign Language extremely well.

It was fun playing with him.


With DaddyWheee! Look out! Uffff…..




Sleddingufff… Daddy made us a great sledding hill. He put a couple of boards on our porch stairs. Then he put some snow on the hill he made, and we could sled down! Ufff!Mark and Andrea

It was fun, fun, fun, fun!Audrey

When it was done we got to go sledding a couple of days.Daddy and Momma

We were trying to sled down the hill to the woods. We never made it, but we got close!

Our path

Here is a video of me sledding down the hill.
Sledding 5.1 MB avi (Right-click and select “Save Link As..” if will not play directly)

Sledding Small 755 kB wmv (much smaller version)