I am doing Bible quizzing. I am on the First Baptist “B flight”. I have done this before, this is my third year. I like it a lot.

I have to memorize verses and learn questions and answers.

My team is Devane, Cardin and Lucas. This could change. I like my team. Devane is new, this is her first year. Cardin is one of my best friends. Cardin has been on my team every year. He is really good and quizzes out a lot. (Quiz out means you’ve answered five questions and can’t answer any more.) Cardin gets a lot of perfect quiz outs. This is my very first year with Lucas, so I don’t know how he does in quizzing very well yet.

We’re studying the life of Jacob. He got his brother’s blessing because God told Rebekah, his mother, that he would. He tricked his father. And Rebekah helped him to get his brother’s blessing! They didn’t have to trick his father, God would work something out. God promised. When God promises he never forgets.

Here is one of my verses. I have to learn it correctly. I will be given five words and if I jump, I have to tell the whole rest of the verse perfectly. “You will live by the sword and you will serve your brother. But when you grow restless, you will throw his yoke from off your neck. (Genesis 27:40)

I can’t wait to start quiz meets! The first one is 14 October at our church.

The rest of Light Princess

If you remember, I promised I would tell you what I thought of the rest of the story (The Light Princess).

There was a king, a queen, the light princess (the daughter), a prince (who saved the day for the princess) and a witch (the princess’ auntie).
Eventually the princess got her gravity back. But, I want you to read the story yourself to find out what happens.

It was very good. I liked it. My sisters thought they were beautiful pictures, but a little scary.

Newest Book Reading

At lunchtime, Momma reads books to us.

Today she started reading a book called The Light Princess. The author is George MacDonald. It is a good book.

The princess has a problem. Whenever the king, the queen, or the nurse trot her, she floats up!

Her aunt is a witch and made a problem at the christening. (The king had forgotten to write her to invite her to the christening, and he forgot that he forgot that.) The aunt went to the christening anyway and put a spell on the princess. She floats when let go.

I like the book so far. I’ll update this more later!

Enjoy reading!


Hello. My imagination is pretty neat. It just adds a lot of fun into the family’s life. Today I’ve been pretending I’m a person who is breaking codes and making codes.

My sisters pretend to be dancers. I sometimes pretend with them, but usually just watch them.

We have been reading Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (by Ian Fleming) . He sure used his imagination! He made a car that was magical. It could fly! It could turn into a motorboat. It could track down other cars.

Like when Jeremy and Jemima where kidnapped by Joe the Monster and his gang. They had to go and buy some candy from Monsieur Bon-Bon. And when he turned around to put the money in the cupboard and give them their change, it was the gangsters’ plan to attack him.

Everything turned out all right. Read the book yourself to learn what happened.

Bye Bye!