Dissecting a Shark


Tonight we dissected a shark for marine biology. I don’t think Megan enjoyed it as much as the starfish, but once she got over the smell she had fun finishing it off.

Megan said;

It smelled gross! I liked poking it and it was really fun trying to make it look disgustinger. I poked the eyes into little tiny bits, and made them pop out. They popped back in. I was scrambling the brain.

I think we learned more then my science book planned, like what colour the liquid in an eyeball is and that sharpies draw mustaches on sharks. The book seems just to be concerned with us knowing the location of the “inards”.  I am so glad that we are allowed to play with the shark longer and explore on our own.

Pi day

Today is the “Pie day of the century” because Pi is calculated at 3.1415926359.  Today for the only time in a LONG time, the date match up to it.  March (3) Date (14) Year (15) and Time (9:26).  You can even get the seconds (35) in there if you want!

Pie is a yummy pastry, not to be confused with Raspberry Pi (a computer).  Pi is a mathematical constant. Pi is a irrational number because you can not write it without rounding it to some degree.

You need mathematical constants because there are some things that do not change. Pi is the ratio of a circle’s diameter to it’s circumference.

You do not need yummy pastries but they make life more fun. We are planning to make some pie today. I want apple or pumpkin.

So make a yummy pie and enjoy Pi day!

Here is a video about Pi that I like.